Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It Started In... Adelaide!

Why Hello there!
While I'm sure I've been terribly busy...
I can hardly remember a thing I've been up to...

Jeykl hiding in the machine

It must have started with Racewear Induced Amnesia... here's it half way through my machine.  I didn't sleep much that week!... But all sooking aside; I'm really happy with the outcome - and if you look back to the sketches.... It's pretty true-to-life; anyways - who actually cares for anything apart from IT LOOKS AMAZING!  And I invite anyone and everyone who reads this to come along to the TAFE SA RACEWEAR PARADE, October 30th, and the Jekyll Hyde dress will be there! 

Rhett Butler... ♥

I am still obsessed with Gone With The Wind;
Planted the seed to Shannan that I think the boxset would be much better than the standard!
SO MANY SPECIAL FEATURES, and cards... oui la la!

Dough. @ the Central Markets.  Choc Pistachio heaven... ♥♥

See that green stuff?  It's like pistachio cream.  Bitter cocoa tart.... Delish!
So many wonderful and delicious places to explore @ the Central Markets, it makes me feel so lucky that we have something like that in Adelaide!  I spent a Friday just wandering... then a D&M/Cocktail date with a BFF... Absolutely bliss!

Don't Step on the Caterpillars... they are baby Butterflies }{

The insects have my back when I get overwhelmed...
Must be a residual child-hood fascination... but they always appear when I need to be told TO CHILL OUT!


Spent an afternoon road trippin' and rummaging @ Savers with another ladylove!

Bedazzles, and Fraying... tres chic!

I secretly love these jewels, no better way to show off your love handles!

North Adelaide, LOL

I saw this months ago and had to get a photo when I was in the hood!
Was fairly impressed when I showed my Mum that she knew exactly where it was....

Had my first Fashion Parade @ work;
Had visits from my olds, from BFFs and interstate friends!
Had way too many assignments... but love it.

Off to Melbourne tomorrow...
Wish me luck and shopping victories!!  xx

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello Darlink; Quiz!

Dearest Readers;

Currently working through an assignment on Fashion Marketing, if you can spare 2 minutes for 20 short questions I would be incredibly grateful!

It's completely anonymous and I will definately take all feedback left, on board when I start pushing on with my own label!!

Thanks everyone.... xx