Sunday, August 22, 2010

Grover Allman;

So; we were given a brief.

- Make a dress out of picks
- Show off some legs!
- Graphic Prints are their "thing"
- Base fabric is okay;
- All drilling and printing Will Be Taken Care Of (!!!!)
- Include Artwork

JAWS:  As inspired by Emily! <3

It was due last Friday the 13th of August (!!) and it's been a week;
And no winner has been announced!

Light box

Prize? An Ipad, potentially worn @ the ARIA Awards...
The downside? If you're chosen... it's due on October 15th
(which is only a few weeks away, argh!!)
Figure Pose

So I am hoping to win;
But glad to not have to handstitch another garment with tiny pieces again if I don't


Turned my house upside down looking for my old Electric Guitar;
Inspiration... and what not!

These are some of my sketches;
But not my Final Submission -

I actually did it all pretty much by hand and forgot to take a photo...

Watching the Election Updates like a madwoman... xx

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Research for Dessert;

Just wanted to share some plus-sized Love:

(I think these models are absolutely beautiful...
(♥) I saw photos from this conference... and envy!!  I want to go to NY!!
(♥) Check out the CURVES AHEAD and ONE SIZE FITS ALL shoots @ Vmagazine;
(While I'm sad the Rodarte Collection is shelved, I can't wait for this MAC collection!!
(Marc Jacobs... paving the way!
(Are you kidding me?  Christina Hendricks is perfect... x

Been researching for this marketing assignment;
And y'kno, looking for ideas for my own Racewear for Oct. 30th!
Colours, fabrics, time, shapes... ARGH!!

Watching too many old documentaries on Marilyn Monroe;
Been considering going Platinum Blonde!!

With insanity and a cold up of tea....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Prototype! Prototype!

First View
Changing Armhole
Front Collar; adjusted

Sleeve vent (wrong side)

Back Collar (adjusted)

Final View - as close as it gets!


Lighten Up It's Just Fashion... Fashion!

Smoking Kills...


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Half Tuxedo; Half Dress...

"You cut up a thing that's alive and beautiful to find out how it's alive and why it's beautiful, and before you know it, it's neither of those things, and you're standing there with blood on your face and tears in your sight and only the terrible ache of guilt to show for it." - Clive Barker.
So heres what I've been working on...

Racewear Parade:  October 30th 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

Michael Jack Benson

While this is neither an escapade, nor fashionable, this is something that is important to me.
Earlier this week we lost a family friend in a car accident.
He was only 13.
And while, unlike my boyfriend, I didn't grow up with him;
I still feel like this is one of the most massive losses I've ever felt.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Great Finds @ The Markets;

Catching up with old friends.
Always fun... searching for treasures;
Gorging on the amazing eats the Markets has to offer!
Also. Beverages.

Just remember to tell the people around you that you love them too.