Sunday, August 22, 2010

Grover Allman;

So; we were given a brief.

- Make a dress out of picks
- Show off some legs!
- Graphic Prints are their "thing"
- Base fabric is okay;
- All drilling and printing Will Be Taken Care Of (!!!!)
- Include Artwork

JAWS:  As inspired by Emily! <3

It was due last Friday the 13th of August (!!) and it's been a week;
And no winner has been announced!

Light box

Prize? An Ipad, potentially worn @ the ARIA Awards...
The downside? If you're chosen... it's due on October 15th
(which is only a few weeks away, argh!!)
Figure Pose

So I am hoping to win;
But glad to not have to handstitch another garment with tiny pieces again if I don't


Turned my house upside down looking for my old Electric Guitar;
Inspiration... and what not!

These are some of my sketches;
But not my Final Submission -

I actually did it all pretty much by hand and forgot to take a photo...

Watching the Election Updates like a madwoman... xx

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