Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Can; And I Will.

Ohhhh dear.
I forgot about the blog.

Had an amazing dinner date with Nic-Nic, Ryley, Kye and Sarie two Mondays ago;
If anyone reading this in Adelaide hasn't been to East Taste Cafe on Gouger.
Go. Just get off your computer - go now.
Anyways; LONG over due and just left me with a giant smile all week!

Shannan got a tonne of parcels from eBay.
His current pose.

It's like old fashioned DVDs.
And the DVD that took years...

So TAFE has been super-busy!
Been working in groups developing a range for our Gilles St Market Debut in December...
Will upload some work later;
Also been draping,


So this is what happens when you have lots of pins.
And a terrible ammount of time.
I like the boob cup on the shoulder; I'm sure Lady Gaga would wear it!

The work that goes into this is incredible;

It's couture darling... x
Short detour to IKEA for lightglobes ended up with me buying fabric;
(and not lightglobes)
How could you walk past this?

Friday evening was Tashes Bday
$2 Gin and Tonics.
Gosh yes!
Not to mention; fantastic company again!
And D&Ms with people you've known for ages...
D&Ms with new lovelies; and lots and lots more smiles!

Evening in with the boy. Sounds lame?
I needed it... x

Sunday was my vintage themed day!
Catching up @ the North Adelaide Vintage Market
[SO MANY GLOMESH PURSES needed love....]
Then spent the afternoon with my Grandparents.

I took this photo in the garden...
Always remember to smell the roses.

It's always a little hard visiting them;
Just makes my heart hurt but my Grandpa had some good advice that he lives by:

"I can and I will"

And he as overcome so much in his life;
kicking it into almost an Octogenarian era!
So it must be good...

Sunday evening spent @ the "brother in laws"
Acted taxi; had dinner @ 11-30pm (at East Taste again, BOOYAH)
Picked up people from broken down cars;
Shared icecreams...
Continued into Monday (LONG WKEND!!!! Lest we forget...)
I just didn't want to come home.

And really should have got more done!

But needed some reprieve!
So here's to another week....

Gilles Street pending...
Long weekend loving...

With warm feet and tangled hair......


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trash to Tres Chic, Darling... x


So for those of you who don't know;
I worked backstage and had a tonne of fun @ the Adelaide Fashion Festival in Norwood, November last year.
I partook in a competition that was a part of the Adelaide Fashion Festival; Trash to Tres Chic, to be exact.

So as a part of the entry;
You had to create an entire garment out of recycled goods.
I spent a little time thinking... researching...

Because I think recycling/upcycling/reuse is really important in this day and age.
I would rifle through my Recycling Bin every few days;
I had family members collecting odds and sodds for me.

So it evolved over a really long process;
My original idea involved and intricate weaving of cassette tape, tape-
Which has the stability of a puffy raincloud!!

So lo and behold.

One of the most common things in every single household in Australia (or even online), The Yellow Pages.

I also had just happen to re-inherit a dressform the week before I started on my competition entry...
So. A large roll of clingwrap later.
I had a watertight dressform!

Layers, and LAYERS of the yellow pages;
This actually took me weeks and tried my patience INCREDIBLY.
[I have none].

An 11th our addition; a corsage made of old Xrays and fly wire and zippers!

So they layers built up;
and it all came together and evolved;
There is one layer that is made entirely of pictures;
One layer entirely of the "ESCORT" Section of the pages.
Just for fun.
I used about 730 pages... x

So I also had to wonder about how to lace it up?
I had a stash of FREE EARPHONES!

Ew. Could you imagine re-using things that other people put in their ears?

So. I had a huge stash of left over earphones-
Hence the lacing!

The skirt; was something that took a lot of time also.
Each "sequin" was hand cut out, and hole-punched,
And ORIGINALLY hand sewn on - but decided I HATE how they sat,
So re-sewed them on with a SEWING MACHINE!! Loves.

So the underlayer is hot pink shopping bags from Coles
Cardboard sequins: from the likes of Lipton, Old El Paso, You'll Love Coles and Crunchy Nut... see what other brands you can recognise!!

and a big fat 'sleeping bag' zip down the back and waistband, yo.

So here is my creation.
( And my BFF/amazing model Sarie E> )

And it won first prize! E>
And these are the awesome ladies I worked with Backstage... x

With new Gossip Girl and Iced Tea...


Friday, April 9, 2010

My Milkshake Brings All The Boys to my Sushi Bar;

Wow; what a whirlwind week!
This entry is dedicated to three of my favourite things.


So... I enrolled in a Bra Making Course through my school this week;
And we were given kits to make our own bras.
Ew. They were white.
Ew. They were Granny Bras.

But then I thought to myself.

And truly?
A. Can you have enough bras? and
B. Is there SUCH a thing as a bra that is too cwte?

I wondered!
Read to the end and you'll find the answer!

I went on a little shopping expedition.
Ended up spending about $60 on stuff.
If any of my Adelaide ladies (and non-ladies) know better places to buy these things;
Hook a sister up!

1. My mobile phone. Someone get me an iPhone.
2. Bra cups (optional - these were swimwear ones) []
3. Underwires from Spotlight, but []
4. Frog Fastener! [DK Fabrics]
5. Underwire casing [Spotlight and VERY EXPENSIVE]
6. Hook and eye [Spotlight, DK doesnt have black or white]
7. Sliders and rings [DK have some, Spotlight expensive]
8. 9mm plush picquot elastic
9. 12mm plush picquot elastic
10. Ruched ribbon (trim instead of lace)
11. Straps!! That were too stretchy but tres pretty!!
12. Powernet, $30/m @ DK Fabrics [check elasticity!!]
13. Lining - no idea what, I've had it for YEARS but perfect for bras.
14. Your very own pattern! Can be bought from
15. Fashion fabric. or as I like to say DELICIOUS FABRIC!!!!!
16. an Iron. This bad boy cost me a whole $10.
17. Instructions!
18. Miniature ironing board from

Then I fired up Nikita;
I love Nikita.

So with underwear - the fabrics need a lot of stretch;
So I had to fire up the old Janome.
By old, I mean awesome.

Started 9pm Thursday evening.
Watched the new Gossip Girl!
Finished by 4pm Friday.

Details include:
Special edition fabric I ordered from overseas;
Custom made straps
(well, the elastic I liked was too stretchy so had to attach bias cut voile to the back of them -
the same fabric from the last dress I made!!)
And a non-funtioning frog fastener!

So I might be a little tea pot.

But I have a sushi bra. And you don't.
(Except if you ask me nicely)

I have more fabric;
And am hungry for sushi!

So whats a girl to design next??!
MANY IDEAS, many including a pirate, flamingo and bunny bra.
If you would like a custom couture bra made my yours truly...

You know my details.

With Sushi and a cold up of tea.


[Answer: Boobies.]

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I E> Brooke;

I feel really guilty.
I don't know how many times in the last 6 months I've said "I'VE HAD THE BEST WEEKEND!"

Well. I am saying it again.
Writing from dear old Baroota...

I've spent the last few days with my BFF since that awful first day of Primary School in a new town.

Darling BROOKE! Wow, its been 12 years... x

Photos soon.

With Easter Eggs and Molly...


[here's the additional photos.....ENJOOOOOOYYY!]

Pretty much how my night felt....

Some awesome ladies;

I'm bringing back BUNNY EARS!

I love this girl....

Nobody fucks with us when we have jelly shots in our cleave!

Three levels of Easter Egg Bunny retardation
{ie: my Dad left them to melt/die in the car... still tasty tho!}


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Everything has Beauty; But not everybody sees it.

Happy Easter my, one and only reader?!

So I made a dress,
I mean that is the purpose of this blog!

I started Friday, picked Brooke up from the airport (LATE) at 9-45PM Friday night;
We had catch ups and fired up the Gossip Girl;
So I was in and out, trimming seams, sewing things...
Brooke fell asleep to GG and my sewing machine.

So I got 4 hours sleep.

and worked on it yesty in bits and pieces!
Wish I took some on going photos, however.

So things I have learnt:

I had a little, waistband being 3cm too short incident.
I was saved by a piece of ribbon.

As compared to the bustier I made; I didn't have to adjust this one and it was HEAVEN!

Upside down zip makes a fantastic split!


So the event the dress was for was a party a friend of Brooke's was putting on at Tea Tree Gully
($50 cab fare later... ugh)

Inspiration? Well, my bustier and the wonderful gold tinged black cotton voile I had as table clothes @ my Mums surprise 50th (BEAUTIFUL fabric and I just had to share it, so I had to cut my pattern pieces between pieces of candle wax...)
But worth it.

It makes for an interesting story.

I haven't raided Brooke's camera yet but the outfit:

THE DRESS, green nails, black tights, black see-thru striped under-tee (it was cold, yo!), Beige glomesh purse with a big black satin bow (my favourite < 3) and a packet of vogues.

So here I am, Easter Sunday, no idea what the time is supposed to be.
And feeling quite seedy.

With Hot Cross Buns and a really fantastic BFF;