Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I E> Brooke;

I feel really guilty.
I don't know how many times in the last 6 months I've said "I'VE HAD THE BEST WEEKEND!"

Well. I am saying it again.
Writing from dear old Baroota...

I've spent the last few days with my BFF since that awful first day of Primary School in a new town.

Darling BROOKE! Wow, its been 12 years... x

Photos soon.

With Easter Eggs and Molly...


[here's the additional photos.....ENJOOOOOOYYY!]

Pretty much how my night felt....

Some awesome ladies;

I'm bringing back BUNNY EARS!

I love this girl....

Nobody fucks with us when we have jelly shots in our cleave!

Three levels of Easter Egg Bunny retardation
{ie: my Dad left them to melt/die in the car... still tasty tho!}


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