Saturday, May 29, 2010

Good Girls Don't Make History;

It's been a very busy few weeks!

Some big changes:
I have a new job!
Working as a retail stylist in a concession store in Myer;
and it's definately a step in the right direction-
Been a bit rough working 2 jobs + TAFE + well... life!

Also had my photo taken for the local newspaper.

Gilles Street has been taking a MASSIVE chunk of my time,
But that merits a post of it's own!

My Shannan had his 26th Birthday <3
And we had a fantastic night at the Coopers Alehouse with our
nearest and dearest... x

Trying to stay inspired muchly...
Plotting many adventures for the holidays!

This is my favourite photo on my wall;
Some of my ladies from year 10...
Ones married, ones had a baby and the other was working overseas.

I also splurged and bought another mannequin:
Big vs. Small...

These are the douchebags that are currently occupying my couch:

With a stiff drink and a warm house;


PS: I might not have seen my BFF in a little while;
But this is what we get up to...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Reinvention of Miss Kate;

Yay its the weekend!!

As promised;
Here is the "rangeboard" I had to produce for our GILLES ST MARKET project @ TAFE last week;
Selections were made and 4 of my designs were being made;
Due to restrictions [my group is the one that is pretty much well using up fabric the TAFE already has and I guess thats quite eco-chic!] in fabric; my leggings have been nixed!
They didn't have my fabric, so what was the point?
Could have dug my heels in, but, whatevs...

So look out in DECEMBER this year, yo.

I have also fallen in love with these Postcardens.
Me wants...
Not to mention, what a FANTASTIC IDEA!

And speaking of fantastic ideas.
I spent far too long on the Worldwide Fred website last night.
Everything is so clever!

But. I got the Maryoskha measuring cups for Mum!


With No Chocolate and a Sunny Day...


Monday, May 3, 2010

Envious Dicktail; Green yet Delicious...

Yet another fantastic weekend,
So I'm dedicating this post to my beautiful little sister who turned 21.
Her outfit alone is worth blogging about
(which I helped her sew together the day before... x)
Family came, friends came,
Drinks disappeared, smiles were inevitable.

So heres my favourite snaps of the night;

With a tonne of love for my little Bear;


[Birthday Girl]