Monday, May 3, 2010

Envious Dicktail; Green yet Delicious...

Yet another fantastic weekend,
So I'm dedicating this post to my beautiful little sister who turned 21.
Her outfit alone is worth blogging about
(which I helped her sew together the day before... x)
Family came, friends came,
Drinks disappeared, smiles were inevitable.

So heres my favourite snaps of the night;

With a tonne of love for my little Bear;


[Birthday Girl]

[Sarah (bestsmileever) and Ron]

[Me and my Moms]

[Envious Dicktail (as compared to a cocktail) Malibu, Cointreau, Vodki and Pineapple juice]

[Regular Jackoffs: Zac, Kayne and J-ess]


[Tom and Nathan had matching shoes!]

[Me and my adopted Brother from another Mother, Nathan!]

[Sarah and the most drunk face of the evening, Leighton]

[Me and Brendan, best makeup of the eve!]

[Mums face is like wtf?... hehehe]


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