Monday, November 22, 2010

Fade to black;

Dear Mum,

Goth may have been a phase, however.
The main constituent of my wardrobe is still black.
Although I am proud of the blues and reds that colour my days...

My little cowboy shrugs, and black and gold dress,
And blue leopard print one-shouldered Arch Ball dress;
The turquoise multi-skirt from Paris; of pure silk from old Saris,
My baby pink Barbie T-shirt.
Floral leggings:  Love them or hate them.

I just can't really quite do casual.
And despite spending a good 12-hours and giant rubbish bag of clothes later;
My wardrobe is still at capacity;
And goodwill got a big donation...

With warm summer nights and cool summer beverages;

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Smashed Berry Belle of the Ball;

RIP Claus.

You were one amazing Ext HD, especially with all my most important files ever on you; and you just failed to turn on.
Alas, photos were found on a camera phone!
Evolution of the dress of the mother of one amazing blogger (*cough!) for a Fashion Parade with horses and such!!

We start with sketches
+ Patternmaking bible.

We need tools, calico, lining fabric, etc

We do sample to make sure it doesnt look like
Yes, thats a technical patternmaking term.

My fave.  Fabric shopping @ Eastern Silks

We sew a proper sample.  Well.
It looks like a dress.

Love heart sleeves ♥

These are the ingredients for a dress:
Long invisible zip, self covered buttons,
threads that MATCH, fusing,
silk habutai lining and silk dupion outer;

I love the back of this dress.  ♥

We didn't get a proper photo;
But my gorgeous Mum in her frock.  ♥

And may I just add, this dress was made for her from over 300km away via the internet/video chat and phonecalls that involved much yelling and getting my Dad to try and tape measure Mums arms.  I'm just glad it fit!  ♥♥  She also stole the bra off my mannequin that I designed the dress on AS WELL as the fascinator I made out of black feathers... It's a good thing I love ya! 

Thanks for always supporting me no matter what crazy ideas I get in my head; I never ever feel that I have to hide who I am or "edit down" how I'm feeling or what I'm thinking to you... You and Dad are amazing parents...!  Love you guys so much;

With silk threads and fascinators;

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tafe Graduate Parade

I went to the Tafe Graduate Parade last night with a few of my nearest and dearest!

Here's my pick of the crop, for no other reasons that I love how they look, how they were made... or just because!  Fashion needs no reasons.

Hopefully I will be a part of it next year!!
ALL IMAGES FROM The Adelaide Fashion Festival Site!

This jacket is a great colour, great shape and great inspiration!
Najree Lydiard:

I saw this on her blog, and seeing it in RL?  I want that whole outfit!
Megan Costello:

h2t.  Loves it.
Hannah Buchanan:

I love this skirt, it actually drives me crazy!
Hannan Buchanan:

So beautiful.
Hannan Buchanan:
I wrote in my notebook NO WEDDING DRESSES before this one came out....
Alison Cawte:

This hairpiece!  Amazing....
Alexandra Ireland:

I would have worn this in Spain... DRAMA!
Alexandra Ireland:
Effortless beauty, reminds me of Elie Saab.
Nay Lim Vouch:

Okay so I think I dug Hannah's collection the most.  Highlight of the evening?  When model Amy Fromm almost fell, but regained herself with such composure!!  Nice to see such professionalism...!

... and what are your thoughts??!  Check out the whole collection and enjoy!

With vitamin water and iTunes a-crankin'...

Friday, November 5, 2010

Testing my first Email Post

Wow; so if this works?
I can post from anywhere anytime on my phone!!

Misskate ♥s Technology!

Social Photos - SAJC Parade;

Evidence that I have friends.
I love each and every one of you... xx

Zac, Tash, Mr B, JLove, Shannan, Alex, Amy, Sarie, Moi,
Beck, Ryley (photo!), Cecilia, Nic-Nic, Sarah,
Crystal and my beautiful Mum... xx

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Girl,The Dress, The Designer;

Read the inspiration
See the prototype
Sewing like a machine
Watch the video


Introducing: the Jekyll and Hyde Dress

Half suit, half dress, totally awesome.

Snapshot: BFFs, model(SARIE)+designer

Runway.  [FOR SALE - POA]

Massive shout out and thankyou to everyone who came along to support my wonderful classmates and myself for our own labour of love: BET ON LOVE SAJC Parade, 2010...!
With an empty champagne flute and a big grin...x