Friday, November 5, 2010

Social Photos - SAJC Parade;

Evidence that I have friends.
I love each and every one of you... xx

Zac, Tash, Mr B, JLove, Shannan, Alex, Amy, Sarie, Moi,
Beck, Ryley (photo!), Cecilia, Nic-Nic, Sarah,
Crystal and my beautiful Mum... xx

Shannan, Missy, Kanye-South, Sarah and Zac-attack

Foot Love

Beck and Ryley

Me and DJ Ryley;

Sunday night crew!  Missy, Kayne, Zac, Shannan and the beautiful Tash... x

I love these two so much.  My Mum, Sue (in a MISS KATE original)
and my gorgeous little sister, Sarah (styled by ME!)

Best ear-accessory goes to Nic!  Me, Nicole and Ces!

My wonderful Nana; surprise!

This one puts up with me.  I owe so much to him... Love you.

Mumbles and Miss Kate

Missy and Ryan!  Wheres Libby?

Me and tiny Kayla!  Pint sized fashion designer!!  x

Shannan and Sarah

The radiant and gorgeous Miss Crystal!

My best Mum and my Best Friend!

This makes me LOL so hard!

Shared a womb; love you Sarah!  x

Hot printed accessories!  By Crystal and Miss Kate!

Bunny ears!

Pimpin' Sarah, J-Love and Miss Kate!

I love these girls so much!  Tash and Sarah;

Anastasia and Miss Kate! 
My future Husband (I shall be polygamist!)

Candid snap: 
Sarie ROCKING my FROCK with Ces and Sarah!

the Sarahs... LOVES!

Beck and Me!

The Boys:  Kayne, Jason, Zac and Shannan

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