Thursday, November 18, 2010

Smashed Berry Belle of the Ball;

RIP Claus.

You were one amazing Ext HD, especially with all my most important files ever on you; and you just failed to turn on.
Alas, photos were found on a camera phone!
Evolution of the dress of the mother of one amazing blogger (*cough!) for a Fashion Parade with horses and such!!

We start with sketches
+ Patternmaking bible.

We need tools, calico, lining fabric, etc

We do sample to make sure it doesnt look like
Yes, thats a technical patternmaking term.

My fave.  Fabric shopping @ Eastern Silks

We sew a proper sample.  Well.
It looks like a dress.

Love heart sleeves ♥

These are the ingredients for a dress:
Long invisible zip, self covered buttons,
threads that MATCH, fusing,
silk habutai lining and silk dupion outer;

I love the back of this dress.  ♥

We didn't get a proper photo;
But my gorgeous Mum in her frock.  ♥

And may I just add, this dress was made for her from over 300km away via the internet/video chat and phonecalls that involved much yelling and getting my Dad to try and tape measure Mums arms.  I'm just glad it fit!  ♥♥  She also stole the bra off my mannequin that I designed the dress on AS WELL as the fascinator I made out of black feathers... It's a good thing I love ya! 

Thanks for always supporting me no matter what crazy ideas I get in my head; I never ever feel that I have to hide who I am or "edit down" how I'm feeling or what I'm thinking to you... You and Dad are amazing parents...!  Love you guys so much;

With silk threads and fascinators;

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