Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tafe Graduate Parade

I went to the Tafe Graduate Parade last night with a few of my nearest and dearest!

Here's my pick of the crop, for no other reasons that I love how they look, how they were made... or just because!  Fashion needs no reasons.

Hopefully I will be a part of it next year!!
ALL IMAGES FROM The Adelaide Fashion Festival Site!

This jacket is a great colour, great shape and great inspiration!
Najree Lydiard:

I saw this on her blog, and seeing it in RL?  I want that whole outfit!
Megan Costello:

h2t.  Loves it.
Hannah Buchanan:

I love this skirt, it actually drives me crazy!
Hannan Buchanan:

So beautiful.
Hannan Buchanan:
I wrote in my notebook NO WEDDING DRESSES before this one came out....
Alison Cawte:

This hairpiece!  Amazing....
Alexandra Ireland:

I would have worn this in Spain... DRAMA!
Alexandra Ireland:
Effortless beauty, reminds me of Elie Saab.
Nay Lim Vouch:

Okay so I think I dug Hannah's collection the most.  Highlight of the evening?  When model Amy Fromm almost fell, but regained herself with such composure!!  Nice to see such professionalism...!

... and what are your thoughts??!  Check out the whole collection and enjoy!

With vitamin water and iTunes a-crankin'...

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