Monday, November 22, 2010

Fade to black;

Dear Mum,

Goth may have been a phase, however.
The main constituent of my wardrobe is still black.
Although I am proud of the blues and reds that colour my days...

My little cowboy shrugs, and black and gold dress,
And blue leopard print one-shouldered Arch Ball dress;
The turquoise multi-skirt from Paris; of pure silk from old Saris,
My baby pink Barbie T-shirt.
Floral leggings:  Love them or hate them.

I just can't really quite do casual.
And despite spending a good 12-hours and giant rubbish bag of clothes later;
My wardrobe is still at capacity;
And goodwill got a big donation...

With warm summer nights and cool summer beverages;

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