Monday, March 29, 2010

How Soon is Now?

Dear World.

I am in a particularly grouchy mood this eve.
My body is against me and not sticking to our agreement.
My stupid look book is sitting on the table, all but completed.

I hate it.


Apart from the world-hating/teeth-grinding/shitty-moodness...

Spent the weekend with the boy,
Had a Shameless-fest.
Season 7.


Alright. So here's some of the images from mi-book.
They are all either drawn by, edited, or milked from me.

I also wish I was one of those cool people who could pull off a pink rinse.

With a Bad Mood and Insomnia...


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why am I not in my pillow-fort/bed?

It's 4-33AM.
I hate life.
My face hurts.
I think all of lifes problems can be blamed on photoshop.

Lookbook will be done soon;
And I will make it digitally available.

Maybe move house?
Maybe move overseas.
I'm very maybe lately.

Gosh hurry up computer.
I am so slack,
Why don't I design more?
Tsk tsk;
LOL like Architects take forever to design their own home;
I can't decide what to make for myself!

Blah blah blah, me me me...

Here's something to think about:
Why is it classy when a man escorts a woman somewhere;
And female escorts are hookers?
Deep, right?

Also go to this website.
And this one.
And then another one here.

Log on, thank me later.

With JD and sleepy hair;


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bustier of the Day;

Okay. It's been a long week!

I found this in my Atlas on Monday. LOL.

Got sent an email with this awesome link. Seriously.
Click it, if you like cheerleading, skipping and gymnastics all rolled into one!
AMAZING choreography!

The 14th cycle of America's Next Top Model has started;
I don't know how or when but apparently I'm addicted.
Hot tips from the ONE episode I've watched:
Ren, Simone and Raina.
Dislike. Brenda. So sick of girls who are INSECURE.

So fairly much well ALL of my favourite TV shows are going at the moment:
Shameless, ANTM, Project Runway (although, the Canadian one is my fave!) Metalocalypse, Gossip Girl. And alas, I have a tonne of homework to do!

Had a go at chenille-ing this week;
Poor Shannan has put up with me leaving fluff all over the place:
It's very zen brushing it out tho!
Check the dishwashing brush! Tool du jour!

Spent this week working on my bustier:

Last minute addition?
Pleaeted ribbon. Loves.

Moi, modelling ze bustier; et

The highlight. Noone can theif!

and heres my mood bored.

Puns are fun. Anyways.
I have to go vomit out Trade Flats and sketches and get fabric samples, and fining my look book, then PRINT my look book and raise a family of 12, cure cancer, create world peace and oh yeah... sleep?

With Top Model and a nice big bottle of iced tea!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Things That Make My Face Smile.

Good Eve!

So, we're back to watching "vintage" episodes of Buffy to keep me company while I'm putting this publication/look book together. Yes thats how I'm treating it - and I love that people call things "vintage" even tho they are old. Vintage should be French for treasure! Ancient, op-shop treasure! Or, just old Dvds... Still... LOVES!

So, fairly muchwell finished my week of TAFE on this wonderful Thursday evening! My weekend lockdown starts NOW (well done to anyone who has left Adelaide with the inevitable onset of CLIPSAL and the douchebags that come with it!)

Spent Tuesday working on our bustiers; so I started with a 3 piece shirt block, fitted it out to a strapless bodice then spent the afternoon developing cups for it A La Giles Deacon, or Collette Dinnigan or perhaps even? Oscar De La Renta... beautiful. Can't wait to start making a tonne of these because I think they can look so classic and with some really easy tweaking, quite en trend.

So the look book. It's coming along. Been trying to iron out my final format.
Heres some of the illustrations that are going to accompany it! Love doing things by hand... it's such a dying art-form.

Anyone can photoshop, but who can hold a pencil? Hmmm... I take a lot of inspiration and learnt a lot from my dear friend Sarie when we were Architecting/Cranchoring/Living together. I really miss her a tonne... (L) but I find her art so inspiring; and even just watching her draw during our lectures or when we were OS, it's fantastic! Sarie is also my biggest colour inspiration. She makes me see green and pink in clouds... Please call me soon. Sigh! x

Oh and I fell in love this afternoon. Was excited ALL DAY to go late night shopping for groceries (my one adult chore apart from vacuuming that I love!) and we HAD to go to the electronics shop that was right next to the.... PET STORE! This beautiful yet incredibly sqwirmy and cute Ginger Persian Kitten stole my heart... this is her blur/photo. There were also black and grey and white/black ones I would have happily tucked under my arms and trotted home... Aw.

I also got a package from my Mum today. <3

With Thread and a Sore Finger... =(


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Burlesque Ball;

Wow; had an absolutely fantastic "Long Weekend" sqwished full of debauchery, feathers, beer gardens and burger writing!

Saturday Evening was spent getting dressed up and rushing to the Adelaide Town Call at the first Adelaide Burlesque Ball. Got there maybe 2 minutes before it started and the wonderful Brent was lacing me into my corset at the lights were dying down! Very luckily my friends saved me a seat on their table and the show began! MC Ophelia Bitz was an absolute roar and kept the night to a wonderful pace... technical and sexual difficulties aside! You can't see it well at all but I had lace makeup!

Intermission was spent out on the Balcony with many a Vogue and a photograph! Our glasses were topped up and bubbly and the second act commenced; of which three highlights include my amazing friend Mishka being dubbed "Best Dressed", Julie Atlaz Muz doing a burlesque take on the Good Witch of the North and putting herself inside a balloon and our table getting Front Row View of the gorgeous Crystal getting her faced rubbed in vagina by Julie Atlas Muz during her Incan performance! Absolutely brilliant.

Where's Crystal?!  Oh!  In her CROTCH!
The afterparty kicked on at Electric Light where beautiful ladies were not in short supply and the company was fantastic. The performers also spent the evening mingling and everyone kicked on into the wee hours! It was such a fun, raunchy evening! I cannot wait to go next year and I encourage everyone to do the same! Everyone got dressed to the nines and the Burlesque Dancers were so inspiring... and naughty, and gorgeous, and talented, and beautiful.... sigh!

Sunday evening was supposed to consist of me being productive: which I was, but also was sulking because I was thinking about how I wanted to spend the evening with Shannan and his brother and all their friends. A 10pm text message pulled me out of my pout and off to the city I trotted!

Spent the evening with Shannan, Kayne, Zac, Tash, J-Love, Luke, Jess, Lisa and Rach!! I can't stop gushing about how much fun I had; and spent lots of time on the back fence chatting with Tash; who is going to be my wife one day! Back off Zac!! Later on the remaining of us went to Hungry Jacks [which they totally stuffed up my order, I did NOT want spicy!] and Lisa divulged in some Burger Art.

There was the fairly messy contents of someones stomach right outside the HJs window but thankyou to Eveready Batteries [who have failed me at least THREE Times in the last 8 days ESPECIALLY watching Faith No More you little battery sized JERKS] I have no images.
All I can say is that it was..... epic. The vom that is.

So for now; I should go to bed.
Getting far too accustomed to these late nights;

With Flat Batteries and a Headband;


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Missy Missing Shannan.

So right now my life is sketching, rain and Gossip Girl. I am not complaining!!

Still feel like I have tonnes of work to do on my Look Book. As dear Shannan said; my version of being behind on my work is being 10 steps infront of everyone else. Sure, I have high standards, but I really love what I do! Surely need to Time Manage better; I will always take up as much possible time but hey; I could be making Bustiers instead of worrying about Fonts! (which I HAVE decided on, btw!)

Getting ready for the Burlesque Ball tonight with the wonderful Mishka, Brent and Crystal! Cannot wait...

Loowking fwd to the coming week; I had such a grumpy one this week! I also said goodbye to my second car Percé last night. Unlike Miss Otis (Car #1) he wasn't broke, my parents just wanted to trade him in! So I am back driving a red car with an amazing sound system... however it is Automatic. Ew.

I wish my neighbours didn't have a stereo.
It's a Long weekend... Am I the only person who doesn't like Long Weekends?
Or just the douche-bags that get an extra day off and decide to use MY roads and drink at MY Pubs and make noise in my LIVING SPACES!!

With Copics and Torrents;