Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bustier of the Day;

Okay. It's been a long week!

I found this in my Atlas on Monday. LOL.

Got sent an email with this awesome link. Seriously.
Click it, if you like cheerleading, skipping and gymnastics all rolled into one!
AMAZING choreography!

The 14th cycle of America's Next Top Model has started;
I don't know how or when but apparently I'm addicted.
Hot tips from the ONE episode I've watched:
Ren, Simone and Raina.
Dislike. Brenda. So sick of girls who are INSECURE.

So fairly much well ALL of my favourite TV shows are going at the moment:
Shameless, ANTM, Project Runway (although, the Canadian one is my fave!) Metalocalypse, Gossip Girl. And alas, I have a tonne of homework to do!

Had a go at chenille-ing this week;
Poor Shannan has put up with me leaving fluff all over the place:
It's very zen brushing it out tho!
Check the dishwashing brush! Tool du jour!

Spent this week working on my bustier:

Last minute addition?
Pleaeted ribbon. Loves.

Moi, modelling ze bustier; et

The highlight. Noone can theif!

and heres my mood bored.

Puns are fun. Anyways.
I have to go vomit out Trade Flats and sketches and get fabric samples, and fining my look book, then PRINT my look book and raise a family of 12, cure cancer, create world peace and oh yeah... sleep?

With Top Model and a nice big bottle of iced tea!


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