Thursday, March 11, 2010

Things That Make My Face Smile.

Good Eve!

So, we're back to watching "vintage" episodes of Buffy to keep me company while I'm putting this publication/look book together. Yes thats how I'm treating it - and I love that people call things "vintage" even tho they are old. Vintage should be French for treasure! Ancient, op-shop treasure! Or, just old Dvds... Still... LOVES!

So, fairly muchwell finished my week of TAFE on this wonderful Thursday evening! My weekend lockdown starts NOW (well done to anyone who has left Adelaide with the inevitable onset of CLIPSAL and the douchebags that come with it!)

Spent Tuesday working on our bustiers; so I started with a 3 piece shirt block, fitted it out to a strapless bodice then spent the afternoon developing cups for it A La Giles Deacon, or Collette Dinnigan or perhaps even? Oscar De La Renta... beautiful. Can't wait to start making a tonne of these because I think they can look so classic and with some really easy tweaking, quite en trend.

So the look book. It's coming along. Been trying to iron out my final format.
Heres some of the illustrations that are going to accompany it! Love doing things by hand... it's such a dying art-form.

Anyone can photoshop, but who can hold a pencil? Hmmm... I take a lot of inspiration and learnt a lot from my dear friend Sarie when we were Architecting/Cranchoring/Living together. I really miss her a tonne... (L) but I find her art so inspiring; and even just watching her draw during our lectures or when we were OS, it's fantastic! Sarie is also my biggest colour inspiration. She makes me see green and pink in clouds... Please call me soon. Sigh! x

Oh and I fell in love this afternoon. Was excited ALL DAY to go late night shopping for groceries (my one adult chore apart from vacuuming that I love!) and we HAD to go to the electronics shop that was right next to the.... PET STORE! This beautiful yet incredibly sqwirmy and cute Ginger Persian Kitten stole my heart... this is her blur/photo. There were also black and grey and white/black ones I would have happily tucked under my arms and trotted home... Aw.

I also got a package from my Mum today. <3

With Thread and a Sore Finger... =(


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