Saturday, March 6, 2010

Missy Missing Shannan.

So right now my life is sketching, rain and Gossip Girl. I am not complaining!!

Still feel like I have tonnes of work to do on my Look Book. As dear Shannan said; my version of being behind on my work is being 10 steps infront of everyone else. Sure, I have high standards, but I really love what I do! Surely need to Time Manage better; I will always take up as much possible time but hey; I could be making Bustiers instead of worrying about Fonts! (which I HAVE decided on, btw!)

Getting ready for the Burlesque Ball tonight with the wonderful Mishka, Brent and Crystal! Cannot wait...

Loowking fwd to the coming week; I had such a grumpy one this week! I also said goodbye to my second car Percé last night. Unlike Miss Otis (Car #1) he wasn't broke, my parents just wanted to trade him in! So I am back driving a red car with an amazing sound system... however it is Automatic. Ew.

I wish my neighbours didn't have a stereo.
It's a Long weekend... Am I the only person who doesn't like Long Weekends?
Or just the douche-bags that get an extra day off and decide to use MY roads and drink at MY Pubs and make noise in my LIVING SPACES!!

With Copics and Torrents;


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