Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Can; And I Will.

Ohhhh dear.
I forgot about the blog.

Had an amazing dinner date with Nic-Nic, Ryley, Kye and Sarie two Mondays ago;
If anyone reading this in Adelaide hasn't been to East Taste Cafe on Gouger.
Go. Just get off your computer - go now.
Anyways; LONG over due and just left me with a giant smile all week!

Shannan got a tonne of parcels from eBay.
His current pose.

It's like old fashioned DVDs.
And the DVD that took years...

So TAFE has been super-busy!
Been working in groups developing a range for our Gilles St Market Debut in December...
Will upload some work later;
Also been draping,


So this is what happens when you have lots of pins.
And a terrible ammount of time.
I like the boob cup on the shoulder; I'm sure Lady Gaga would wear it!

The work that goes into this is incredible;

It's couture darling... x
Short detour to IKEA for lightglobes ended up with me buying fabric;
(and not lightglobes)
How could you walk past this?

Friday evening was Tashes Bday
$2 Gin and Tonics.
Gosh yes!
Not to mention; fantastic company again!
And D&Ms with people you've known for ages...
D&Ms with new lovelies; and lots and lots more smiles!

Evening in with the boy. Sounds lame?
I needed it... x

Sunday was my vintage themed day!
Catching up @ the North Adelaide Vintage Market
[SO MANY GLOMESH PURSES needed love....]
Then spent the afternoon with my Grandparents.

I took this photo in the garden...
Always remember to smell the roses.

It's always a little hard visiting them;
Just makes my heart hurt but my Grandpa had some good advice that he lives by:

"I can and I will"

And he as overcome so much in his life;
kicking it into almost an Octogenarian era!
So it must be good...

Sunday evening spent @ the "brother in laws"
Acted taxi; had dinner @ 11-30pm (at East Taste again, BOOYAH)
Picked up people from broken down cars;
Shared icecreams...
Continued into Monday (LONG WKEND!!!! Lest we forget...)
I just didn't want to come home.

And really should have got more done!

But needed some reprieve!
So here's to another week....

Gilles Street pending...
Long weekend loving...

With warm feet and tangled hair......


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  1. wow your rouching looks much better then mine!!!!