Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trash to Tres Chic, Darling... x


So for those of you who don't know;
I worked backstage and had a tonne of fun @ the Adelaide Fashion Festival in Norwood, November last year.
I partook in a competition that was a part of the Adelaide Fashion Festival; Trash to Tres Chic, to be exact.

So as a part of the entry;
You had to create an entire garment out of recycled goods.
I spent a little time thinking... researching...

Because I think recycling/upcycling/reuse is really important in this day and age.
I would rifle through my Recycling Bin every few days;
I had family members collecting odds and sodds for me.

So it evolved over a really long process;
My original idea involved and intricate weaving of cassette tape, tape-
Which has the stability of a puffy raincloud!!

So lo and behold.

One of the most common things in every single household in Australia (or even online), The Yellow Pages.

I also had just happen to re-inherit a dressform the week before I started on my competition entry...
So. A large roll of clingwrap later.
I had a watertight dressform!

Layers, and LAYERS of the yellow pages;
This actually took me weeks and tried my patience INCREDIBLY.
[I have none].

An 11th our addition; a corsage made of old Xrays and fly wire and zippers!

So they layers built up;
and it all came together and evolved;
There is one layer that is made entirely of pictures;
One layer entirely of the "ESCORT" Section of the pages.
Just for fun.
I used about 730 pages... x

So I also had to wonder about how to lace it up?
I had a stash of FREE EARPHONES!

Ew. Could you imagine re-using things that other people put in their ears?

So. I had a huge stash of left over earphones-
Hence the lacing!

The skirt; was something that took a lot of time also.
Each "sequin" was hand cut out, and hole-punched,
And ORIGINALLY hand sewn on - but decided I HATE how they sat,
So re-sewed them on with a SEWING MACHINE!! Loves.

So the underlayer is hot pink shopping bags from Coles
Cardboard sequins: from the likes of Lipton, Old El Paso, You'll Love Coles and Crunchy Nut... see what other brands you can recognise!!

and a big fat 'sleeping bag' zip down the back and waistband, yo.

So here is my creation.
( And my BFF/amazing model Sarie E> )

And it won first prize! E>
And these are the awesome ladies I worked with Backstage... x

With new Gossip Girl and Iced Tea...



  1. Oh, congratulations! How much give do the earphones have when completely unlaced? I imagine it would be irritating to rethread them through the eyelets.

  2. hey im in that pic lol! great fun! maybe... lol

  3. wow love the newspaper style :P any good articles in there? hehe
    love lilly Xox

  4. You're amazing! So much talent; you're definitely going far :) xo