Saturday, August 21, 2010

Research for Dessert;

Just wanted to share some plus-sized Love:

(I think these models are absolutely beautiful...
(♥) I saw photos from this conference... and envy!!  I want to go to NY!!
(♥) Check out the CURVES AHEAD and ONE SIZE FITS ALL shoots @ Vmagazine;
(While I'm sad the Rodarte Collection is shelved, I can't wait for this MAC collection!!
(Marc Jacobs... paving the way!
(Are you kidding me?  Christina Hendricks is perfect... x

Been researching for this marketing assignment;
And y'kno, looking for ideas for my own Racewear for Oct. 30th!
Colours, fabrics, time, shapes... ARGH!!

Watching too many old documentaries on Marilyn Monroe;
Been considering going Platinum Blonde!!

With insanity and a cold up of tea....

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