Friday, August 6, 2010

Michael Jack Benson

While this is neither an escapade, nor fashionable, this is something that is important to me.
Earlier this week we lost a family friend in a car accident.
He was only 13.
And while, unlike my boyfriend, I didn't grow up with him;
I still feel like this is one of the most massive losses I've ever felt.

What did you do when you were 13?
I know I used to love walking to my friend Brooke's house;
And we'd watch Buffy re-runs;
We'd go to Shurley's house for a swim...
Play with my dog Molly,
We'd walk everywhere and didn't have a care in the world.

Y'know lifes gotten good but a lot more complicated since then.
Brooke's in the air force, Shurley's had a baby... I've moved away and gone to Uni.
And it just breaks my heart to think that it won't be like that for Michael.

He was such a sweet, polite kid, and struck me as a bit of a nerd-
BUT I LOVE NERDS, as I was one, and still am I guess.
He's touched so many peoples lives...

I just imagine what he would and could have done in life if he was still here;
He was an amazing friend, a good student, a very loved son and brother...
The world was his oyster;
And a tragic accident changed all that...

I know I've lost people to accidents in the past.
But this one has just hit me more that I could have ever imagined.
My heart is absolutely breaking for his sister and mother;
Who are two amazing women who I wish with all my heart, don't have to go through this.
I send out all my love and prayers to them, because it's just a matter of coping with this massive loss right now- Don't even think about the future, take each day as it comes: but we'll get there...
Because that's what family does.

One of my amazing BFFs posted this on Facebook recently:

"We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will....."
A legacy of beautiful memories, smiling faces and a little boy who was a huge part of many peoples lives.... Rest in peace... <3 <3

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