Thursday, July 1, 2010

More Escapade, Less Fashion;

Did June exist? ...hehehe.
Been super-busy (who hasn't?) trying to defrost the last month!
Currently on Holidays which means WORKING lots!
Have not been too snap happy of late which is truly disappointing;
But have been able to catch up with some of my favourite ladies in the last week;
Which makes my heart smile!

I found this old photo from May;

I spent the day w. my Nana trying on clothes @ my job as a Retail Stylist!
Spent a weekend at hers, internet-less, which was actually tres fun!
Played a card game called Hand and Foot...
GOt back in touch with nature and spent some time w. her before she set off on a 4 month trip around WA!! Jelous...

I also caught up for coffee tonight with my dear friend Georgeena!
We met when we were studyingin 2008; and she's from Syria,
And she is beautiful and smart and lovely!

So this is from Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, 2008;

And this was us, post-coffee @ Adelaide Uni, North Terrace!!
<3 She is our own Princess Jasmine!! Don't know about you, but I would totally park my car near this machine!

In regards to being Fashionable?!
A smile never goes out of style!
And I will update with Fashionable Escapades as soon as I get them on film...


With frozen fingers and pink cheeks!!


(PS: Been keen to buy a new baby-laptop and I think now is the time considering its too cold to get out of bed most days!! Updates from bed? BOOYAH! Dear Mr Taxman...)

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