Monday, October 25, 2010

43 things.

I mentioned in a previous post about
So, in the good nature of blogging and being open and honest,
Here are my 43 things to share with you...
Not in any particular order....
1. Buy a house
2. Start my own label
3. Have children
4. Go overseas for a month, at least one more time!
5. Be fit and healthy;
6. Learn French
7. Write a film
8. Be in a band
9. Own a business
10. Work for myself
11. Get married
12. Buy my own car (Must be RED!)
13. Learn to Bellydance
14. Volunteer
15. Design and build my/our own House (sustainable!)
16. Learn sign language
17. Save +$100,000
18. Work/websiting (
19. Own diamonds!
20. Dig in my own garden
21. Puppy!
22. Kitty!
23. Learn to make Green Curry*
24. Be an alt model
25. Make art
26. Get more ink
27. Have better posture
28. Be more comfortable around people
29. Read more books
30. Sing infront of people,
31. Meet one person of Mine and Kimmy's Meatlist!
32. Run a 7 minute mile
33. Travel to Europe again (with Shannan this time xx)
34. Work for Dior or Jean Paul Gaultier in Paris!
35. Kiss in the rain
36. Grow my own food (See point 20)
37. Never stop being curious
38. Write more
39. To be someone people can "go to", anytime with anything... Be a better friend.
40. Establish myself in my industry
41. Go overseas for work...!
42. To care more, be more compassionate,
43. To die fat and old and happy and surrounded with awesome people.

*my favourite dish in the world from Curry Chong @ The Central Markets, Adelaide!

With the events and happenings of the last few weeks;
I have been making the time, even if its only 5 minutes of the day,
To do and enjoy the things I love.
Something as small and simple as painting my nails; leaving someone a message on Facebook, buying chocolate/pistachio tarts from the Central Markets; taking 5 minutes to read your favourite magazine;
Or buying the green dress I really wanted and not giving a crap about how much it cost.
(Okay, I actually got it in Black AND Green)

Life is just too short to not enjoy it...!
I hope everyone who is reading this is having an awesome week;
And if you aren't?
Do something that makes YOU feel awesome instead...

With 2 less assignments and a pending Fashion Parade!

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  1. love it and love you. lets kiss in the rain! no. 39 is what you already are xxx