Thursday, March 17, 2011

Photo shoot for Newspaper;

Brilliant morning!

So it turns out the guy who did the shop front for Blackeby's Lollyshop has done like, the Brewery Lights and Christmas Pageant floats... how Adelaidean is THAT??!  Super stoked with designing for James Place so much more now!!

Met with some pretty amazing people @ the Advertiser then we trotted to James Place; worked with the very lovely and gorgeous Chantel and our photographer Dylan was absolutely AMAZING.  Had people taking photos around us which was kind of hilarious!  I cannot wait to see the final images, but here's some tasty teasers for you, because you'll have to make sure you pick up a copy of Adelaide's SUNDAY MAIL, obviously on this Sunday!!
This Lady in the blue skirt cracked me up!

Dylan and Chantel rocking it!

As RuPaul would say... You'd better WORRRRRRK !!!
(and she really really did!!)
I hope that I get to work with them both again in the near future!  (Dear Universe....**)
Hope you've enjoyed these sugarry treats!! :)

With a really big stupid, dopey grin....!

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