Friday, March 25, 2011

Randoms of the last 7-10 days.

This is just stuff what I've been ups to...

I and Anastasia @ Soundwave - LOVE THIS GIRL!

Celebratory Sushi: aloe = ♥, that chicken is.... 

Superstretchy size 10 leggings < ego boost! >

The other Project Rundle outfits - ON DISPLAY pt 1

The other Project Rundle outfits - ON DISPLAY pt 2

Fashion Drawing.  Kmn...
My sisters Puppy: freaky flash photo!
She could audition for 30H!3's Starstrukk?
My BFF from BH sent me a bottle of JD and a note;
I feel like I'm 14 again...     Thanx Miss Kim!

My clutter of a fridge!   Postcards from Las Vegas,
Tickets to City and Colour, Post its, Postcards from BFFS,
Photo of my family on my graduation;
Wicked tickets, Postcards from Paris, Limited edition Barbie dolls;
Maggie Beer icecream list, Wedding Reception Thankyou note,
Notes and Train tickets.  MINIMALIST FRIDGE FAIL!
(And loving it.... btw)

So my last week has been terribly exciting and wonderful, BUT incredibly unproductive?  Hopefully my lecturers won't read this!!  It's okay, I'm good at all nighters...  I'm off to the parades @ Rundle Mall this afternoon and I can't wait... Tres nervous et excitement!  (hence the unproductiveness!)  I bought myself a new cardy so I'm feeling pretty spoilt all round at the moment!  (Along with the JD, the parade tonight, getting my makeup done by the uber talented and super sweet Mishka @ MAC and I also happened to win $100 from a competition thing at work!)  Ahhh I wish it was like this ALL the time...

My girl Katie from Paris (see Parisian Postcard on Fridge, et al) touched down in Australia today also - and I am getting SUPER KEEN on a trip to Melbourne to catch up with her (amongst other things!)
Here's a photo of us from when we met in Valencia (aka it was the Tomatofest in 2008)  And could I just have it noted; I have never felt more gross in my life covered in tomatocrap!

Nic, Sarie, Katie and myself.... x
With butterflies in my tummy and way too many assignments to do.... :)

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